Saint Francis

Staunton, VA

Case for Support Breakdown Campaign Goal: $1,800,000


Parish Share Up To Goal: $1,503,000

For over 120 years, St. Francis of Assisi has brought the gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of Staunton and the surrounding area, not only by the words and deeds of its parishioners, but also by the physical presence of the church itself. Designed by the famous architect T.J. Collins and clad in a unique greenstone, it has stood as light to the world. Set on a prominent hill in the heart of downtown Staunton, it draws men and women to the Lord through its beauty.

For years many parishioners have known that the church’s exterior stone is rapidly deteriorating. The parish committees and engineering experts have studied this issue extensively, and it will be necessary to restore the church’s exterior.

St. Francis’s participation in the Living Our Mission capital campaign will help the parish to finally restore the church, enabling us to witness to our community not merely for years, but for generations to come.

St. Francis will receive the overwhelming majority of the funds it raises: over eighty percent of funds raised up to the campaign goal of $1,800,000 and ninety percent of funds raised over that goal. Given the serious nature and large scope of the work to be done, all of St. Francis’s proceeds will be used for the restoration.

  • Replace the failed exterior stone with granite stone of same general color
  • Reinforce structural walls of church directly behind the facade of granite
  • Repair the bell tower substructure and replace facade with granite stone
  • Reengineer the drainage system of water shed from roof to eliminate future water damage to structure
  • Complete other prudent repairs that arise as the project proceeds to ensure that the restoration provides a permanent solution to the current problem and a permanent church structure


The Living Our Mission capital campaign will support the renovation of our church’s exterior and the larger Church’s needs. Just as we who are many become one by joining our  gifts in worship and service, may we all respond generously as we joyfully contribute time, prayer, and funds to help ensure the future of St. Francis parish for generations to come.

Fr. Joe Wamala

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