Saint John the Evangelist

Case for Support Breakdown Campaign Goal: $3,400,000

The parish community of St. John the Evangelist has determined we must build a new Church to plan for our growth and ministries. The Living Our Mission campaign will secure at least $3,400,000, of which $3,000,000 will be used to help fund the land purchase and construction allowing us to complete the first phase of our capital development.



Parish Share Goal: $3,000,000

Construction of a New Church: Phase 1

For over 80 years, St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church has been a harbor for the Catholic faith in the Shenandoah Valley. We have followed in the footsteps of our patron, the beloved Disciple, who dedicated his life in worship and service to the Lord, and in the footsteps of our mothers and fathers who have made great sacrifices to build up our church and community.

What great fruit the Lord has borne over these past decades! Our parish family has nearly doubled in size over the past 25 years, and we are now home to 2,000 members. To respond to this present and future growth, we need more gathering space, more space for youth and adult faith formation, and additional parking.

Since 2011, various lay leaders from our community began studying ways we could accommodate our wonderful growth. Our planning team,Vineyard 9, was commissioned in Fall 2014 to examine and recommend the best course for our strongest possible future.


They have found that any expansion of our current campus is not viable, for lack of vacant adjacent land, and the still unaddressed challenges with parking. In addition, asbestos abatement and updating our buildings to comply with the Americans with Disability Act would make expansion cost prohibitive. City ordinances governing the Historic Tree Streets District and applicable green space requirements further limit our prospects for staying. The best way to honor our great legacy of faith here in the Valley and accommodate this great increase the Lord has given us will be to relocate to another property and build a larger church, complete with handicap-accessible restrooms, more parking, and gathering space. By positioning ourselves to welcome all those we are called to serve within our walls, we can more effectively build up God’s Kingdom here not only for the present generation, but also for many generations to come.

Our dream is all at once visionary, ambitious, and hopeful. We are launching a new beginning in a whole new location. I ask your help with the Living Our Mission campaign, both in support of the mission of St. John the Evangelist Church and the wider Diocese of Richmond. We want to achieve great things, and your generosity will help us accomplish what is by God’s grace truly possible and awesome.

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