Saint John the Evangelist

New Castle, VA

Case for Support Breakdown Campaign Goal: $20,000


Our parish will receive two-thirds of all gifts realized up to the campaign goal of $20,000 and a bonus of 90% of all funds realized over goal. Our share will help build up the St. John the Evangelist community.

Replenish and Grow Maintenance Fund

As St. John the Evangelist continues to serve the people of the greater New Castle area, the church must continue to be cared for and kept in solid working order. Acutely aware that an unplanned for major repair could exceed the parish’s financial capacity, the people of St. John the Evangelist have through faithful stewardship created and used a maintenance reserve to address its physical needs.

Keeping with this historic fiscal stewardship the parish will use its portion of the Living Our Mission campaign to replenish and grow the maintenance fund. All $13,000 realized from a successful campaign will ensure St. John the Evangelist has the ability to respond to future needs, while sustaining its strong parish community.




There is a relatively small group of Catholics spread across southern Virginia. Together we have the responsibility of keeping our parish strong and meeting the collective needs of our Church. I ask that each family join with Bishop DiLorenzo and me in support of the Living Our Mission campaign and for all that it will accomplish throughout our diocese.

Rev. Stephen McNally

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