Saint Mary Star of the Sea

Fort Monroe, VA

Case for Support Breakdown Campaign Goal: $151,000


Our parish will receive one-third of all the proceeds we receive up to our campaign goal of $151,000 and a bonus level of two-thirds of the funds raised over our goal. Our share of funds will help build up St. Mary Star of the Sea community.

Element 1: Capital Projects Fund for Building Community and Enhancing our Worship Space ($26,000)

Renovations and repairs for our church, parish hall, and rectory are needed at present and in the near future, and the creation of a capital projects fund will help us begin to address some of these needs:

The simple elegance of SMSS’s stone church harkens back to an earlier time, but time has taken its toll on the structure. Restoring the stained glass windows would maintain their beauty, and bringing our heating/cooling and sound systems into a new century would honor the sacred space of which we are now stewards.

Welcoming one another in joy, sorrow or service within the Parish Hall requires maintaining the building. Completing a much-needed roof repair along with kitchen and hall remodeling and renovations would enhance our gathering space.

Finally, the Rectory is more than a building; it is home to our priests while they are with us. As a parish family, we can take pride in creating warm and hospitable spaces for those who serve.

Element 2: Seed an Endowment ($10,000)

As we build on the past, we look to the future with the creation of a Parish Endowment. This fund can assist in turning the dreams and visions of the St. Mary Star of the Sea faith community into reality far into the future.

Element 3: Learning, Discerning and Called to Serve ($15,000)

These funds will help us respond to our missionary calls of faith formation and evangelization, as well as Christ’s admonition to perform works of mercy in feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, sheltering the homeless, visiting the sick and imprisoned, and burying the dead.



Living Our Mission will strengthen St. Mary for a vibrant future and support the larger Church’s needs. Just as we who are many become one by joining our gifts in worship and service, may we all respond generously as we joyfully participate in this effort to help build up the Church.

Msgr. Walter Barrett

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