Saint Mary

Blacksburg, VA

Case for Support Breakdown Campaign Goal: $1,100,000


St. Mary’s Parish Share

The Living Our Mission campaign provides a unique opportunity to serve our diocese, St. Mary’s Parish, and the New River Valley community. Our parish will receive two-thirds of all funds contributed up to $1,100,000 of our campaign goal, and 90% of all funds generated in excess of this goal. Following is how the funds will be used to address critical needs at St. Mary’s:

Parish Share Up To Goal: $732,000

Debt Reduction: $400,000

St. Mary’s will be better positioned to serve our parish community through expanded programs, ministries, and facility upkeep if our debt is reduced. The terms of the current loan necessitate refinancing the $1,439,000 balance by September 2018. Thanks to parishioners’ contributions, there is currently about $395,000 in savings to be applied toward this balance. Combined with an additional $400,000 from the Living Our Mission campaign, St. Mary’s new debt load will be reduced by more than half, resulting in much stronger parish financial health.

Rectory: $250,000

The rectory, located on St. Mary’s property, is currently uninhabitable due to harmful mold, despite prior attempts at remediation. This has necessitated that our pastor reside in a rental property in Christiansburg. The Parish endeavors to use funds from the Living our Mission campaign to develop a more permanent and sustainable rectory solution. Allocating a portion of our campaign funds for a rectory solution will ensure that, as the parish continues to grow, we will be able to provide suitable housing for future clergy that builds equity rather than drains resources.

Faith Formation, Evangelization and Outreach: $82,000

St. Mary’s is committed to growing and sharing our Catholic faith and addressing social justice throughout the New River Valley community. Faith formation, outreach and evangelization funds will be allocated to ministries based on recognized needs, with priority given to those ministries that are fundamental to our Parish Mission, but that are currently constrained by limited funds.

Three percent of the goal will be utilized for professional services and administrative fees to implement the Living Our Mission campaign.




Saint Francis of Assisi once said: “˜Where there is charity and wisdom, there is neither fear nor ignorance.” Please join our Bishop in offering your time, talent and treasure to support the diocesan Living Our Mission campaign and help our St. Mary’s Parish and community.

Fr. Remi, Pastor

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