Saint Paul

Richmond, VA

Case for Support Breakdown Campaign Goal: $952,000


Restoring the Interior of Saint Paul

The sanctuary of Saint Paul is the heart of our parish community as it has been since it was built in 1949. So we are able to preserve our liturgical traditions as well as offer a safe and welcoming place for those who wish to experience our parish, the Living Our Mission campaign will allow us to renew, refresh and repair the interior of the church. The restoration of the interior of the church involves:

  • Restoring the sanctuary by rewiring all sanctuary lights as well as cleaning and facing the back of the altar with marble (the original High Altar)
  • Removing the old carpet and asbestos tiles from the floor and replacing it with stone flooring
  • Addressing the issues of broken pews and kneelers
  • Repairing and painting the stained ceiling
  • Establishing a permanent Baptistery

By restoring the interior of our church, we will be able to complete the final phase of the Saint Paul Project, begun in 1999, to update our parish so we can meet the needs of our expanding parish community.


Message from the Pastor

The Living Our Mission campaign invites us to rally together around our common mission as God’s people. Your faith-filled generosity will be a grace to you, will assist us here at Saint Paul and will advance our sacred work as the Body of Christ.

-Fr. George Zahn

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