Saint Richard

Emporia, VA

Case for Support Breakdown Campaign Goal: $45,000


Our parish will receive two-thirds of all the proceeds we receive up to our campaign goal of $45,000 and a bonus level of ninety percent of the funds raised over our goal. Here is how we intend to use our share:

Element 1: Faith Formation, Religious Education Materials – $10,000

St. Richard is a diverse and growing parish. We face the challenge of engaging and educating Catholics, especially the young people who are the future of our faith. Lifelong discipleship requires a thorough understanding of Catholic teaching and faith practices. This is a time when young Catholics face obstacles and societal pressures against fully living their faith. In order to address these concerns, the Diocese of Richmond and St. Richard’s have joined in a partnership to raise $45,000 over the next five years, $30,000 of which will go to St. Richard parish needs.

Based on the findings of our May 2013 parish survey and parish focus groups, parish priorities include: Learning Our Faith, Sharing Our Faith, and Building Our Community. In order to support Learning Our Faith, the Living Our Mission campaign will raise $10,000 for urgently needed educational materials including books, training for religious education teachers, and technological resources to help educate, guide and to link members of our diverse faith community with their Catholic peers.

Element 2: Classroom Maintenance – $10,000

The rectory requires long-overdue repairs, improvements and furnishings. We use the rectory for growing religious education classes and a variety of other parish activities. Living Our Mission will raise $10,000 for essential repairs and improvements.

Element 3: Community Activities – $10,000

St. Richard parishioners are quickly becoming a highly active and engaged faith community. Living Our Mission will raise $10,000 for important and long-awaited social outreach projects to engage the parish community. Projects that have been discussed include Community Life, Family Picnics, Celebration of our Diversity, and Equipment for such events at our Church (playground equipment, soccer goals and equipment).


The Living Our Mission Campaign is an opportunity for us as God’s children to fulfill our Christian duty and obligation of supporting our parish family of St. Richard’s and our Diocese as a whole not only today but also for the future.

Fr. Anthony Mpungu

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