Saint Timothy

Tappahannock, VA

Case for Support Breakdown Campaign Goal: $374,000



Element 1: Expand St. Jude Hall, $70,000

One of the most essential functions of any Christian community is the education of its youngest members. Our new wing will provide four new classrooms where our children can focus on their growth and our catechists can help them explore our faith in a conducive environment.


Element 2: Renovate St. Jude Hall, $150,000

Relocating classrooms allows for St. Jude Hall to be returned to its original open plan, and will facilitate its use for a variety of events to benefit our parish and community. This larger and improved open space will facilitate joyful contact among our parishioners, through social and service activities, as they grow in their relationship with Christ by growing in their relationship with one another. The bathrooms will become accessible to the handicapped, and the kitchen will receive much-needed revitalization to improve function and a welcoming serving area. All asbestos and lead paint will be painstakingly removed.

Element 3: Expand and Resurface Parking, $65,000

A larger St. Jude Hall, and already limited space during the summertime, demands more parking. Furthermore, our already crumbling lots need resurfacing before more substantial problems occur. New speed bumps and sidewalks will improve safety for folks moving around our campus.

Message from the Pastor

The Living our Mission campaign gives us a key opportunity to express our Catholic identity, especially by demonstrating solidarity with generations of faithful who will come after us, at St. Timothy and beyond.

-Rev. Jonathan Goertz

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