Star of the Sea

Case for Support Breakdown Campaign Goal: $3,500,000


Star of the Sea Catholic School opened in 1958 with eight classrooms. Over the years the school expanded and currently serves families in areas of southeastern Virginia Beach and beyond. To continue serving the community for years to come, Star of the Sea Catholic School will be renovated, upgraded and expanded to create a consistent standard of facility excellence across the campus and give our school students the best opportunity to thrive and succeed. Each one of us at Star of the Sea is called to evangelize and our school provides that opportunity with a strong faith-based education with high academic standards and gospel values. We invest in our students because they are the future leaders of our community. Of the $3.5 million campaign goal, the $2,965,000 parish share is dedicated to the school upgrades outlined below. The $535,000 in the pie chart to the left is to be directed towards the pastoral priorities of the Living Our Mission campaign. The remaining funds to fully support our school upgrade project needs of $3,462,000 will be received as a $250,000 grant from the diocese and an additional $247,000 will be financed through a long term loan.

Project 1 – Classroom Building Upgrades – $844,000

In a very tangible way, the interior and exterior upgrades to the classroom building will have a tremendous impact on the student learning environment. Aesthetically, the renovation will result in the school building resembling the much newer church building and Parish hall, dramatically improving the “curb appeal” of the over 50 year old building. The physical joining of these buildings, by enclosing the walkway, is a great symbol of bringing our children fully into the Church. Many of our RCIA members over the last several years have been parents of Star of the Sea students. Indeed, our precious students are also bringing their parents into the church.

Project 2 – Media Center and Pre-K Building Upgrades – $337,000

Many parishioners may not know that part of the preschool and media center building houses the original rectory. This building is where most families are introduced to the school with our youngest preschool classrooms. With the interior and exterior upgrades we want to ensure our youngest students have a safe, comfortable and easily cleaned space to learn, pray, rest and become all that God dreams for them.

Project 3 – New Office and Middle School Building – $1,977,000

As you drive along Pacific Avenue, it may be hard to even notice that we have a school at Star of the Sea. When you see the school it is not at all apparent where the front entrance is located. This new building will serve our middle school students, who are our school’s leaders, and contain our school administrative offices. The new construction will provide a Pacific Avenue facing, welcoming entrance to the school. The brick and window design will complement the newer church and parish hall buildings and ultimately enhance our parish’s mission of being truly a shining beacon of hope at the oceanfront.

Project 4 – Gymnasium Upgrades – $304,000

The final renovation project is to make improvements to our beloved gym. Basketball is one of the most treasured traditions at our school as every child has the opportunity to play. Our gym also is our most frequent “first impression” to all the other Catholic schools in the area. It is where carol night is held as well as many other performances. Our welcome back night each school year is held in the gym as well as special events hosted by our Home & School (like PTA) Association. Completing these renovations will ensure our wonderful school traditions continue for years to come.



As we celebrate our 100th anniversary as a parish we continue our commitment to support our Diocese’s mission to new evangelization, the formation of our young people, taking care of our retired and retiring priests, and financially support our seminarians. We also commit to providing the best facilities for Catholic education of our children at Star of the Sea School. I have faith that we will accomplish this with your spiritual and financial support through our LIVING OUR MISSION capital campaign. Please pray for the success of our campaign.Open your hearts and minds and consider financially supporting this campaign with your sacrificial offering.

God Bless

Rev. Esteban DeLeon

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