Holy Spirit

Case for Support Breakdown Campaign Goal: $103,000


Our parish will receive two-thirds of all funds we receive up to our campaign goal of $103,000 and 90% of all money raised over the goal. Here is how we intend to use our share to enhance our parish:

Parish Share: $69,000

Parking Lot Expansion ($50,000)

As our Parish grows we will need to expand our parking areas to accommodate more cars for our services. We have the land and we will need to excavate and pave the new areas. We plan to increase the parking by approximately 50 spaces.

Parish Rectory ($19,000)

We would like to have a Rectory closer to where Father’s work is most needed. The money from the Campaign will provide the Parish with the needed startup funds and will be put in savings until we are ready to move forward.



Dearly Beloved, as we embark on our ‘Living Our Mission’ Campaign reflect on the sacrifice our Lord made for you and consider the sacrifice you can make for his church.

Father Senyah, Deacon Melendez

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