Saint Joseph

Martinsville, VA

Case for Support Breakdown Campaign Goal: $412,000


Element 1 – Expanded Parking Area – $66,000

This will address an immediate need for more paved parking spaces at St. Joseph’s. Currently, we have an overflowing parking lot with cars parked in the grass & mud every Sunday. This project will add approximately 40 new paved parking spaces to relieve this problem.


Element 2 – Expanded Seating and Commons – $166,000

This will address a growing problem with overcrowding in the pews during Sunday Mass and in the Commons after Sunday Mass. Our parish community continues to grow and we are running out of seats during Mass. Our primary mission is to celebrate the Eucharist together, and we need to ensure adequate space for all. The Commons are essential to the development of Christian fellowship in our community, but we need a larger space to accommodate us after Mass. This project will add approximately 60 seats in the church and over 300 sq. ft. in the Commons.


Element 3 – Financial Stability – $43,000

This will address a need for financial stability for our parish. Currently, St. Joseph’s has no money in reserve and operates on a month to month basis, which often causes cash flow problems for our operating account. This will give us the ability to pay our monthly expenses and ensure financial stability for the future of our parish.

Message from the Pastor

The Living our Mission campaign invites us to rally together around our common mission as God’s people. Your faith-filled generosity will be a grace to you, will assist us here at St. Joseph’s parish, and will advance our sacred work as the Body of Christ.

Love, Fr. White

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